Gears of War Comics is Coming to Store Again to Entertain Fans

Gears of War Comics

The bloody Gears of War comics is coming to life once again much to the delight of fans around the globe.

The world is full of macho men and women trying to kill hordes of aliens from every pit they come across.

For a very long time, from 2012 to be precise the team at Wildstorm stopped making Gears of War comic. The amazing lore the developers created for the title easily demands a strong comic book series that fans can read every time a new game comes out and it also introduces them to the other side of the character the action packed game might not. The big series is now coming back to stores next year, confirmed official sources.

Gears of War

The IDW panel is currently underway at the comic con fest at San Diego. During the event, they confirmed that an ongoing series will be commenced based on the Gears of War title. The upcoming comic will be written by none other than Rat Queens’ popular Kurtis Wiebe. At the moment, the team didn’t confirm the graphic artist who will be bringing the tale to life.

However, the team did spend enough time to discuss the storyline in which the comic books will be set. It begins in the Planet Sera and the struggles the team face to conquer the particular region. The Locust is gaining control of the planet and it is up to the team in the Gears to fight against their attack. They are equipped with the best equipment and weapons they can get hold of so as to fight for survival.

“We are glad to extend the universe of the Gears in the form of comics and it should provide fans a deep insight into the world. The millions of gamers can know more things through these comics and the rich world we have created in the past. Instead of playing to reveal the story, they will have the opportunity to explore it as a passive fan,” commented the team.

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