Older Sims Game on Mobile are Being Removed by Electronic Arts

the Sims 3 mobile

Based on the recent announcement made, Electronic Arts might be turning their attention towards the PC and Mac version of the Sims.

Being the most popular concept of allowing you to lead a virtual life, it is no surprise when gamers wanted to be able to play the Sims games on every platform of their choice. Surprisingly, they never made their way to the Xbox One or the Playstation 4 consoles. Electronic Arts and Maxis didn’t even release them in the old consoles. However, they provided a lot of support for the title on the mobile platforms.

Even before Android became the norm, the Sims game was available on the N Gage phone by Nokia and it was way ahead of its team. Putting an end to them, at least to part of it, Electronic Arts made an announcement that some of the old games will be retired from platform. Given the huge resource the company has, they should probably be able to release enough updates and keep players busy on the platform.

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Given the lowering number of players who spend their time in the Sims mobile version, it is justifiable that the developers are interested in focusing on platforms that actually matter. According to the announcement, the Sims 3 mobile will be retired from August 11th onwards. The same goes for the associated game packs like the Sims 3 Ambitions, The sims 3 World Adventures and any other expansion packs available on the mobile platform.

the Sims 3

A big surprise out of the lot is that Electronic Arts is not only removing the Sims 3 franchise off the mobile, but they have also confirmed that the Sims 4 Gallery companion app will no longer work on the phones. It is related to the current game that has been going on a steady run on PC and Mac. The game has so many expansion packs, DLCs, stuff packs and things to explore. Besides, it receives so much new content almost every day that it wouldn’t be surprising if you have tons to things to browse on the gallery using your smartphone.

But, EA doesn’t want to provide you the comfort and will be retiring the mobile companion app. The situation prevails not just for the Sims 4 but also for many titles like Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty that tried to link the console, PC version of the game to smartphone users using a companion app. The Sims Freeplay and Simcity Buildit will continue to be there on the mobile phones.

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