Get $1000 Playstation Store Credit in New Sony Offer and Buy All the Games You Love

Playstation store credit

The sum is really huge because if you are lucky enough, you can $1000 in Playstation store credit by entering the new contest being hosted by Sony.

The contest rules seem to be pretty self-explanatory. You have to sign up for the contest with your Playstation Network ID, e-mail address and birth date. The details are mandatory because if you win the $1000 credit will be directly deposited into your PSN ID so that you can start going on a purchasing spree to buy all the games you have ever wanted. The Grand Prize is such a huge sum that it might be difficult for players to grab hold of it. It will be given to 10 different players and the lucky draw will take place on 22nd February, 2017.

Playstation Store

Good news is, this is not just some random draw that simply focuses on the grand prize but there are $100 daily prizes to be won. That’s the most amazing aspect of this new Sony contest because you can easily buy that AAA title or that deluxe edition that you have been looking forward to buy in the past months. Entering this daily draw is too easy. All you have to do is follow the Playstation Twitter account and get a snapshot or simply type your favorite Playstation gaming moment.

Every week, the team will draw the winners and 2 people can win the $100 store credit every day. The draw seems fair because a total of 58 winners will take home the prize and your chances of getting one chip doesn’t seem too far. Make sure to use the hashtags #sweepstakes and #PSStore so that when you enter your gaming moment, the team can identify and add your account to the lucky draw scheduled to be conducted every week.

Playstation store credit

The sweepstakes including the grand $1000 Playstation store credit for 10 members and the daily $100 event commences today. If you are planning to grab the daily credit, you should immediately head to their Twitter account and start posting your favorite moments. The contest ends on 21st February, 2017. It is definitely going to be a fun event especially if you can convince all your friends to take part and maybe buy all the AAA titles. You can easily share and play them without having to spend a dime, if you win just $100 once. Here is the Playstation Twitter account to help you out and don’t forget those hashtags.

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