Give Your Old Android Phone a Facelift with Google Wallpapers App – The Big G Does a Lot with its New App for Android Devices

Owners of Android phones can give their old phones a facelift with the new Google Wallpapers app.

The design of most of the top end phones is similar, but the wallpapers really stand out. Wallpapers offer a design aspect that makes you feel you are having a new phone. You can download this free application from the Google PlayStore on your Android device.

A Facelift with Wallpapers

Android Phone Facelift

Users can give their Android mobile phones a facelift using the Wallpapers app from Google. The app offers several good quality landscapes, abstract texture, satellite images from Google Earth and some others, which are very similar to the promotional images seen for the Pixel phones. The app also has a function enabling the user to switch the wallpaper on a daily basis.

Free App

The Google Wallpapers app is free and makes it easy to choose a good background, instead of always hunting for the same. Several great pictures and shots are preloaded in the app.

However, these are only wallpapers and are not going to do anything for your phone. If your phone is old and slow, it will still continue to remain the same, but might look better with new wallpaper. The way users use their phones will continue to remain the same, but it will be more aesthetic and pleasant to look at.


Pixel Wallpapers

Previously, Google offered only a paltry number of wallpapers for it Android phones and devices. However, all this has changed with the Wallpapers app that came along with the Pixel phones. The app is available in the PlayStore and you can choose from various categories, such as Earth, landscape, cityscape as well as life and some textures. The default wallpaper on your phone is also available for the user.

Additional Functions

The app also has a button called Explore, where you can see details of the photographers of the shot, the artist details, details of the location. You can access the picture on Google+ or 500px community for photo sharing. The app will keep expanding and more pictures will probably be added over time.

Live Wallpapers

As already stated, there are many categories of pictures for you to pick from. In addition, users can also access live wallpapers that change automatically every day, and the pictures can be selected from any of the categories mentioned above. The live and the still pictures are stored on the phone and for those running the 7.0 version or more, it is possible to set a different image for the home screen and the lock screen of the phone.

Google Live Wallpapers

Exclusive Features

The rollout of this new app shows that Google could be considering the release of the Pixel launcher to other phones and devices. This is similar to what happened when Google launched the Google Now launcher, earlier an exclusive feature for Nexus phones. The app was later available on the Google PlayStore. There are still many other features that are exclusive for the Pixel and the Pixel XL phones.

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