The Latest Update for Google Keep Allows Users to Pin Notes in an Organized Manner

Google Keep

Google is definitely one of the biggest names when it comes to a universe full of smartphone technology.

The company has been working hard constantly for quite some time and has brought in numerous changes and updated features in the tech market. Major innovations in the tech field have been introduced by Google which has improved the lives of many people around the globe. The company also keeps offering many new apps and updates them regularly with the new improvements. The latest app update that Google has to offer for Google Keep.

Google Keep

‘Keep’ Taking Notes

Google Keep is one of the widely used Android apps. Slowly and steadily, it is becoming one of the most efficient and functional note-taking apps for devices running on Android OS. With this app, Google takes on the likes of the other most popular note-taking app, Evernote. There were rumors flying around for a while reporting that Google Keep would come with an ability to pin notes. To add to these speculations, there were teardowns of other apps which clearly indicated that Google Keep would be joining the bandwagon to pin notes.

Google Keep Taking Notes

The Google Keep has been updated to bring in one of the most required features – Note taking, the ability to pin down notes. The app lets the users take notes and keeps them organized in an essentially neat manner. Google Keep automatically generates search topics based on the content of the notes, which makes searching for notes easy instead of having to scroll through the hundreds of notes that have been saved. For example, if the user makes a note of a recipe, then the app will save it under the “Food” category. The categorization will be done automatically and will not require any specific input from the user. However, the users can add their own labels to the categories. The users can then just tap on the category and look for the required note.

How to Do It

All the users need to do to pin a note is just long press a note and then click on the pin button which will be displayed in the top bar of the app page on the screen. All the pinned notes will appear in the pinned section on top of the other notes. Apart from the ability to pin notes, Google Keep also brings with it the ability to add shortcuts to the app.

Google Keep Pin a Note

This feature will go live as soon as the new version of the Android 7.1 Nougat OS update has arrived. Google has started to update their apps with this new update. The Google Clock upgraded version 4.6 has received this update already and it is on the way to make it to many other apps. Google Keep will now allow its users to access certain features directly on the app like New List, New Note, New Audio Note, and New Photo Note.

This is indeed a very interesting update and is available for both Android and iOS versions of the Google Keep app. So, it is time to get the app updated soon.

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