Google Allo 5.0 Update to introduce lots of new, interesting features

Google Allo

Google Allo 5.0 is available for download, but the app is still in its beta stages. As a result, only developers and beta testers can get a feel of what is coming soon in the stable update.

In a new revelation brought forward by Google-centric website 9to5Google, users of Google Allo should brace themselves for some really interesting features with the coming version of the app, which is v5.0. Through a complete APK teardown of the app, it has been revealed that quite a number of these features have already been activated, but others are still hidden and will probably be made live at a later time.

One most notable addition to the upcoming Google Allo 5.0 is are the Chrome Custom Tabs. This is basically an in-app browser such that when you are in the app and someone sends you a web link, hitting on it will open the content from within the Allo app, something different to what Facebook does with its mobile app.

In short, you won’t have to leave the app so as to see what is on the shared website, something that usually means users have to waste time switching back and forth between their mobile browser and the app. However, if you want the shared website to be opened in your default web browser, there is still room to make this happen via the Google Allo settings.

Google Allo


While the Chrome Custom Tabs’ feature might appear when the stable Google Allo 5.0 comes out, we might not see other features that have been highlighted in the APK teardown. One such feature is a button that generates stickers depending on the selfie in question, meaning each photo will generate different stickers to go with the face. Cool huh!

Given that these are just findings from an unofficial APK teardown, we can’t be sure that what has been discovered is indeed in the works. Still, it will be interesting to see what features Google Allo gets along the way as the search engine looks to position the app as the go-to IM for mobile phone users, ahead of the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and even its own Google Hangouts.

Do have Google Allo installed on your phone? Do you use it regularly? What are your thoughts on the upcoming updates? Let us know through your comments below.

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