Google Maps will soon help with finding an Ideal Parking space

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Google Maps recently gained a new update that meant the cab-hailing app, Uber, had no place on many people’s Android smartphones.

Now, before even this Uber-related update makes it to all Android devices, those using the latest version of Google Maps beta version 9.44 have discovered something really interesting with the new app. As it is, the mapping application seems to be planning on adding a feature that will enable users to find a suitable parking space for their cars at specific destinations.

According to reports coming from folks at Android Police, it appears that the latest Google Maps app has a parking availability system that comes with three tiers – Easy, Medium and Limited. These tiers are just but representations of the current situation with respect to a specific parking location or destination. This information has been hidden under a “P” symbol that has been placed just next to the estimated time of arrival when trying to search for directions via the mapping application.

At this point in time, it is not known how exactly Google gets hold of this information regarding a given parking space. However, it is possible that the search engine giant depends on the information available through pre-existing systems that have been designed to help with parking space identification in major points, for instance, train stations or even airports. With this in mind, it will be hard for the Google Maps app to give out details of parking space on every part of the city unless Google has some other super plans.

Google Maps App Updates

Since this feature has appeared in the latest Google Maps beta app, we don’t know when exactly to expect the same to happen for the stable release. In fact, it is not easy to tell whether Google will add this feature to the stable version and if it does, the regions that will be supported. However, it wouldn’t be a shocker if the feature never leaves the U.S., especially during its initial stages of rolling out.

Are you a Google Maps beta tester? Have you seen this feature in your app already? Please share your experiences with us via the comments.

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