Google Allo Could Add Themes to its Coming Updates

Google Allo

Just recently, Google Allo 2.0 was released and with it came quite a bunch of interesting features that have been part of the new Android ecosystem for a while now.

Apparently, those who are using the new and updated Google Allo on their Android devices can do a number of new things. These include making use of the multi-view feature introduced with Android Nougat as well as the ability to directly reply from notifications without the need of opening the main app. The update doesn’t stop there, though, as users of the app will also be treated to a new Monochrome theme right in the app’s Settings menu.

With the Monochrome theme, Google Allo allows users to make the app more monochrome than what you could do with the previous version. But wait, isn’t the Allo chat interface already boasting a monochrome theme? Sure, it is – something that makes this new update kind of less useful for the time being. On the flipside, it seems Google has something cooking and it should be ready sooner than later.

According to persons familiar with the matter, the added Monochrome theme will be useful in future versions of Google Allo. In short, this chat app will soon be able to support different themes that users can select from and apply, thus giving the app a unique and personalized feel. Apparently, the Allo app will ask you to select a theme whenever you start a new chat. This theme will, however, be retained for all existing chats, which means you don’t have to select a new theme each and every time you want to chat with your friend on the app. It will also be possible to make changes to the selected theme at any given moment through the settings menu.

Google Allo

It is still unknown when Google will eventually make this feature live for Allo, but as noted earlier, it shouldn’t be long before we start seeing these colorful themes.

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