Google Allo Gets Animated Emojis, GIF Search and Google Assistant Shortcut

Google Allo

Google Allo is getting a new update that is bringing quite a number of new features and improvements to the chat app aimed at making conversations more fun as well as make navigation easier than before.

But wait, do you even still use Google Allo? Well, if you don’t, just pretend that you do, at least for this article alone. In the new update, the tech giant has made live easier for those who still depend on the Allo app for messaging services. The update brings animated emojis, a better GIF search as well as a shortcut to the Google Assistant.

If you remember very well, Google Allo is the app that gave us our first look into the Google Assistant and to make it even better, the tech giant is ensuring that it stays a tap away. When you in an Allo conversation, it is possible to call on the Assistant and it will respond to all of your needs in the best way possible. But Google wants the Assistant to be more prominent thus adding an icon inside the compose box. When you hit the icon once, Google Assistant will come to life and you can proceed by asking all the questions you have – as usual.

Google Allo

Coming to the new GIF feature, Google Allo users who get the latest version of the app will now be able to access the feature via the recently added emoji button. When you tap on it and scroll to the right, you will be able to carry out a GIF search and proceed to insert the result into your conversation. To make an emoji big and animated, just drag the send button up when adding the emoji.

Google Allo users were already able to make emojis big, but this animation feature will add some spices to the chats, making the experience a lot better than before. As for the Google Assistant, you no longer need to go the @google way in order to summon it.

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