Google Allo Might Not Take the Place of Hangouts on Your Phone After All

Google Hangouts, Google Allo and Google Duo

Just recently we reported that Google Allo could possibly be coming in to take the place of Google Hangouts on all Android devices.

In fact, it was thought that the Allo app will come preinstalled on the upcoming Android Nougat OS while at the same time replacing the renowned Google Hangouts app from the stock Android OS. Now, there is a new report coming in from sources close to the matter and apparently, there is nothing of the sought being planned. In short, what this means is that Google Allo will exist as an independent app, thus giving Google Hangouts room to continue its usual operations. But the question is for how long is this going to persist – Google running four messaging apps at the same time?

According to the initial report, Google Allo was reportedly coming in to replace not just Hangouts, but also the Messenger app. In fact, the rumor was backed by the earlier update on Hangouts where the search engine giant took down the SMS feature. While the report, which was put forward by a self-proclaimed Google Allo third level beta tester, further added that the new Allo app comes with support for SMS services, the latest findings tell us otherwise.

The new report comes from XDA Developers and according to the platform, the sources can be completely trusted due to the relationship they share with both Google and XDA. Apparently, the source claims that there is nothing like “third level beta tester” with respect to Google and its programs. This means that any of the previous information cannot be trusted anymore.

Google Hangouts

In addition, the source claims that none of the two apps that are rumored to be on the march out – Hangouts and Messenger – are still very much in Google’s plans. Interestingly, the claims that Google Allo is compatible with SMS services have been refuted, with clarification that the app only supports Allo messages and nothing more. There is also nothing to do with Google Voice or even cross-app messaging capabilities as previous rumors have claimed.

With Google set to have four messaging apps in the shape of Hangouts, Messenger and now Allo and Duo, it would have been an ideal move to remove or merge some of these apps.

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