HTC 10 – 6 Cool, Hidden Features that Will Enhance Your Experience

HTC 10

HTC has been struggling in recent times, but the release of HTC 10 brought back some life in the Taiwanese company’s smartphone business, especially on the flagship end.

Last year was a mystery for HTC as it unveiled the highly unsuccessful HTC One M9. It was forced to follow up this smartphone with a mid-range HTC One A9 in a bid to make up for the poor sales of the flagship, but the water had already spilled. This year is different. The HTC 10 is indeed a great phone capable of competing with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7, the impressive Nexus 6P as well as LG G5, just to mention a few.

If you already own a new HTC 10, you are probably enjoying the sleek design, fast performance, amazing QHD display as well as the impressive battery life it gives. But there is more you haven’t touched just yet. Let’s take a look.

Get faster file transfers via USB 3.1

HTC comes with USB v3.1, but it uses a Type-C connector. This should mean you get faster file transfer rates as well as battery charging. Interestingly, HTC 10 has this USB 3.1 feature turned off by default. The good side of the story is that it can be turned on via the settings of the phone. Go to Settings>More>USB Connection and proceed by toggling on Fast File Transfers option. Be warned that this will mean you won’t be able to have data or cellular connections, which is why the option is turned off by default. Another thing to note is that this option requires that the device you are also connecting your HTC 10 to must support USB 3.1 connectivity, otherwise, this will be of no use.

HTC 10

High performance

If speed and fast performance are what made you grab the new HTC 10, there is something cool for you on this phone. Even though this will mean your phone uses more battery power, the performance speed you get will be worth it.

HTC 10 comes with a High Performance mode, but this needs you to first enable the phone’s Developer options. This can be done by going to the Settings and at the bottom is About Phone. Hit this option and in the new page, tap on the Software information>More and then hit the build number a bunch of times until you are notified that developer options is enabled. Now go back to the Settings option and hit the Developer options towards the bottom of the menu. You can then go ahead and enable the High Performance mode by ticking the box against it.

Keep your navigations buttons’ backlight always on

By default, the HTC 10 navigation buttons light will go off when the phone is not in use. However, there is a way you can have them always on regardless of what mode the phone is in. All you need to do is head to the phone’s Settings and hit the Display, gestures and buttons settings. Here, you will be able to see the Navigation button backlight option, upon which tapping will give you two options to choose from. Pick what best suits you.

Recents Button

While still in the same Display, gestures and buttons settings, you can also have a go at the Recent apps button settings. Here, you can customize the behavior of the button such that the press and press & hold actions can be specific to certain events of your choice.

HTC 10 cases

High-res audio

In the current world, all flagship smartphones can record videos of up to 4K. However, the story is not the same when it comes to the quality of sound in video recordings. The good thing about HTC 10 is that it has this taken care of, but somehow is it slightly hidden. When in the video recording mode, tap on the options menu to reveal more settings. Here you will see the option of turning on High-res audio which should mean you get the best audio quality together with your top-notch 4K videos.

Enhanced RAW images

You can enhance the quality of the images taken on the HTC 10 with the help of RAW format. To get the best, capture a photo and open it via the gallery. When you hit the edit button, one of the options to show up will be the Enhanced RAW format. Hit this option and the rest of the process will be done automatically, although it takes some time. Once done, you can easily toggle between the RAW image and initial image to see the differences.

What other HTC 10 cool features do you know and are seemingly hidden? Feel free to share in the comments section.

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