Google Allo now Lets You Make Polls from Within the App

Google Allo

Since it was launched back in 2016, Google Allo is slowly getting better with each and every update and the latest is a perfect example of how tireless Google is working to make this app more popular than it currently is.

We’ve seen the entry of chatbots into the Google Allo app and apparently, the search engine giant is also making use of this technology to give users of the app the ability to make polls from within the app. Yes, you read it right! It is now possible to make polls via the Allo app, but for now, you can only work with the Yes or No type of polls.

All you need to do here is to type @yesno in the Google Allo chat and when done, go ahead and add the question of the poll you want to make. This bot will then proceed and create a poll where anyone can easily participate and cast their vote. It’s currently impossible to set custom answers in the current setup, but given that this is just the beginning, we won’t be surprised if the app picked up more abilities somewhere along the way.

To close the poll, there’s a checkmark button for you. Just hit it at any time you wish to close the poll and it will be no more. As at the time of this writing, this feature should already be available for all users of Google Allo, especially since it has been effected from the server side. In short, you don’t need a manual update in order to start making polls in your Allo app, however, if it happens that you haven’t seen it just yet, it won’t hurt updating the current installation to the latest version available via the Play Store.