Google Allo, WhatsApp’s Competitor, is Finally Out with Google Assistant

Google Allo

Google Allo has finally been released to the public for free download, a few weeks after the official launch of Google Duo, the company’s video calling app.

The new Google Allo app is a pure messaging app that is meant for Android and iOS devices. While many will be quick to write the app off with claims that it is just another IM, Allo has more to offer. It comes preinstalled with the latest Google Assistant, the search engine giant’s virtual assistant or rather chatbot that can be called upon at any time whenever in chats with friends.

There are a number of similarities with the likes of WhatsApp, Messenger, and iMessage, just to name but a few. You will come across stickers, emojis, one-on-one chats, group chats as well as ability to draw on images, among others. There is end-to-end encryption, but it is not enabled by default. Instead, the feature comes to life when in incognito mode. Google Allo adds spice to this feature by enabling the ability to set a timer of when the sent message will exist before it is deleted.

Another major highlight of Allo is the smart reply feature. With this feature, users will be able to see suggested responses when chatting with friends. One will argue that this is nothing unique, but here’s what is. Apparently, this smart reply feature will go further to include image recognition abilities, meaning you also get smart replies even when images are used.

Google Allo

The biggest features of all, perhaps, is the inclusion of Google Assistant into the chat app. This assistant is represented by @google and it is basically a chatbot. It welcomes one-on-one chats with it where you can ask for anything, be it directions, the best restaurant, flight information, latest weather and news or even find a photo in your Photos app. This doesn’t end with the one-on-one chat with the assistant, however, you can still call upon the @google bot when in group chats whenever you need any information.

According to Google, the Google Assistant will get even better with time as it is packed with machine language software that keeps track of your communications on the app in order to style itself in accordance to your personal needs.

Google Allo is a free to download and install app that works with Android and iOS devices. Of course, support for the likes of Windows 10 Mobile is expected, but the time is not known. For now, Android users can get their copy from the Google Play Store while iPhone users can grab theirs from the Apple App Store.

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