Can Google Allo Get the Better of Facebook’s WhatsApp?

Google Allo

Google has finally launched the much awaited messaging app known as Allo – an app that the company hopes will get the better of the likes of WhatsApp, iMessage, and even Facebook Messenger.

Google believes in the fact that Allo is the smartest app around – something that actually makes it unique when compared to the rest of the party. Google Allo can easily respond to messages on your behalf, it packs an inbuilt digital assistant that you can use to do lots of things, including searching the web, playing videos and so on. The app is baked with Google’s machine learning software that ensures it gets better at serving you as you keep on interacting with it.

The Google Allo app also comes with AI buried deep into the virtual assistant and it can be called upon at any time to help with things like directions, news and weather info, flight details, among many other things.

How Google Allo works

Unlike Google Hangouts, there is no need of a Google account so as to use Allo. One only needs a phone number, something that is similar to WhatsApp or iMessage. Facebook Messenger also added this feature, enabling users to create accounts with their phone numbers just in case they are not on Facebook.

The Google Allo app needs permission to access your contacts so as it can create its own contacts list based on the persons already on the platform. The app has three chat styles where you can have a chat with the digital assistant, have a normal chat with a friend or go into an incognito chat mode where you can take advantage of end-to-end encryption and disappearing messages’ features. When a notification of an incognito message comes in, you will not see any details like in normal messages, for instance, the contents or even the sender.

Google Allo

Similar to the likes of WhatsApp and iMessage, Google Allo allows users to send images, voice recordings, videos as well as a bunch of stickers. As far as chatting with the digital assistant is concerned, you need to begin your conversation with @google while making sure your commands are fairly clear. Your best answers will show up automatically above the keyboard.

Since Google Allo has just begun rolling out to the masses, it might not have reached your region yet. Don’t fret because the process is gradual and soon you will have the app available in your local Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The app is free to download and install on all compatible smartphones.

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