Google Allo – What it is, How it Works and When it Will be Released

Google Allo

Despite the fact that there are probably hundreds of communication apps today, Google Allo is something else, probably out of this array. It is perhaps the main reason why Google did not hesitate unveiling it to a world that already uses Google Hangouts and Google Messenger for the same communication purposes that Allo is aimed for.

Many were surprised with the fact that Google Allo was announced at the I/O 2016. This is because the search engine giant already has a popular chat app in the shape of Hangouts. More so, given that Allo serves as messaging app just like Hangouts makes the case even worse for some, but this is not everything that the new app is all about. To help you get around Google Allo, we have lined up this article that tells everything about what the app is, how it works, when it will be released and the reason (s) why you should consider getting it installed on your Android or even iOS device.

What is Google Allo?

As noted earlier, there are many communication apps around. As a result, many people have found themselves with more than five apps installed on the same phone, yet they are used for speaking to the same people. At times, it is easy to jump between apps while executing certain actions, for instance, search the web for something you found in WhatsApp, look for a cool GIF to share on Facebook Messenger, order stuff or make reservations online and many others. Usually, these require jumping from one platform to another, something that can be stressful and extremely messy at times. This is what Google Allo is here to take care of – allow users to do all these things without leaving the app or switching between multiple platforms.

Google Allo

So, what really is Google Allo? In essence, this is a smart messaging app that brings the power of Google AI from within the app and can learn from you with time. It is supported on both Android and iOS.

How Google Allo works

Google Allo needs a phone number to set up, just like WhatsApp, Viber and a bunch of other messaging apps. With this in mind, it means that app can be used to chat with those people who you only have their phone number and are not using the Allo app. In short, you can send messages to non-Allo users via their mobile phone numbers, much like what Facebook Messenger does.

Just like other apps, Google Allo comes with a bunch of stickers and emojis that can be shared with other users. However, users will definitely enjoy the Whisper or shout feature. When replying to an Allo message, users will be able to slide down or up the send button in order to change the size of the text or rather reply, just like you’d do when using caps to add emphasis on a message. There is also a feature known as Ink. This feature lets you doodle on photos or basically get more creative with the same.

Google Allo adds the Smart Reply feature where users can pick from predefined messages to quickly respond to messages on the app. The good thing is that since the app keeps learning from you, future smart replies will get even better, including emojis and stickers that best express your current situation. Allo will also come with Google Assistant, the latest iteration of Google’s Now, or rather, an extension of the virtual assistant.

The Assistant will always be at hand to give you suggestions and help you with easy execution of tasks. For instance, when chatting with a friend about the best liquor stores around, the Assistant will bring up some suggestions of liquor stores around you. When you pick a place, Google Assistant will let you place an order, call the store or even see user reviews about the same place, among other things. In short, you won’t need to leave the app just so as to carry out a related task, something that sometimes involving highlighting or copy-pasting text in Google search in order to get the results you need.

Google Allo

Another great thing that Google Allo comes with is encrypted messaging. This promises secure communication between two parties, just like WhatsApp. Still, there are other nifty additions such as expiring messages and private alerts.

When will Google Allo be released?

This is probably the question on everyone’s mind right now. At the Google I/O 2016, it was only revealed that Allo will be here during this summer. Up to now, the farthest you can go is pre-registering for the app via the Play Store, otherwise, nothing has come out yet. There are speculations that the app might come preinstalled in Android 7.0 Nougat, but this cannot be confirmed for now. If indeed this materializes, we might see Google Allo this August, which is the rumored release date for the new OS.

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