Google App for iOS Gets Chrome’s Incognito Mode – Search Privately

Google App

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser around the world. It is helped by the fact that it can be used on almost every device that connects to the internet.

However, Google Chrome also boasts a number of great features that make millions of users want to stick with it for as long as possible. One such feature is known as incognito mode. With this, you are sure of enhanced privacy when browsing the web through Google Chrome. The feature allows you to search privately without being traced and guess what, the same incognito mode has now made its way to the Google App for iOS.

Available in the latest version of the Google App for iOS devices, it is now possible to search anything on the web without any of your history being traceable. However, you still need to turn the incognito mode on so as to take advantage of it, otherwise, you will still be traceable. To enable it, you can go through the Google App settings or make use of 3D Touch to get things done right from the home screen.

So as to alert you that the current search mode is in incognito, the screen will turn dark. To make things extra secure, there is room to enable Touch ID so that anyone who wants to access the previous incognito session must, first of all, provide authentication details via the scanner. Of course, not so many will see this feature as an important one. However, the few who think privacy is paramount will definitely welcome the idea of an incognito mode in the Google App for iOS.

Google App

There is incognito mode already being offered on iOS via the main Safari app, however, the Google App does more than this. You also get to interact with the Google Now Cards, which should make the latter a better choice over Safari or even the main Chrome app.

Furthermore, the updated Google App for iOS also makes it possible for YouTube fans to watch videos directly from the search results. In short, you don’t need to open a different app or web page so as to watch a video you found in the search results.

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