Minecraft PC Gets Exploration Update, Mojang Reveals More Details

Minecraft PC Exploration Update

When you thought the updates are over for Minecraft, developers Mojang has surprised their ardent fans with a new ‘Exploration Update.’

Falling in the line with the long running tradition, Mojang has launched the new update on Minecraft PC. It will find its way to PS4, Xbox One besides other consoles after Sony and Microsoft approves the update. 4J studios will take care of the same.

Minecraft Exploration Update

With the new update, a cartographer will be there in your library and it is time to explore the most dangerous, unexplored areas in the Minecraft world. Some iconic locations include the Ocean Monument and a brand new Woodland Mansion. There will be so many surprising and sometimes unpleasant experiences in these locations. Mojang said that players just can’t walk into uncharted territory as some of them are populated by Illagers, a group of people outcasted by the villagers.

Minecraft PC receives a couple of new items and stuff along with the exploration update. It brings in a new Shulker box, a powerful inventory chest which originates from the end of the fictional world. It has a special capability! The box will continue to keep items within even when it is knocked down and is handy for players who like to transport large quantities of items from one place to another.

If you were looking for unique ways to travel and probably carry some items, the update adds Ilamas to the game. They are found in the mountains and when you mount these creatures with chests. Similar to real life, Ilamas are really calm and can easily be formed into caravans to go on long journeys.

A couple of new items are being added to the game as part of the update. They include cursed enchantments, observer blocks, Shulker shell and box, exploration maps to find new parts of the world, illagers, vex, llamas, woodland mansion and new escape portals in the end. The developers have fixed a lot of bugs found in Minecraft PC.

Minecraft Mojang

They have also rolled out a request asking players to report bugs whenever they find one. Some fixes rolled out include inconsistent capitalization in GUI, incompetent shield axes are removed, experience bottles now have pink particles and some missing sound files are replaced.

4J studios will be working on the update to port them to Minecraft PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. It might take a couple of weeks before explorer update is available on consoles.

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