Google Assistant to Allow Payments Using Voice Command, Broadening the Scope

Google Assistant Payments

It seems that the Google Assistant will soon allow users to make payments using voice commands.

Some codes seen in the new beta version have indicated that the Google Assistant could prove to be more useful to users by allowing them this option. Today, Google has released the beta version of its primary application and the version points towards some important changes that could be seen in Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Payments

Successful Software

The Google Assistant has been integrated with several other Google services. In addition, there are many third party APIs available, resulting in making the Google Assistant more useful. The addition of a voice feature for making payments will make it more appealing.

Beta Code

Some XDA developers have noticed this new code in the beta version of the Google App, version no. 611.13. This has indicated that future payments through the Google Assistant could be made using the voice option. The new beta version offered several code strings referring to payment options for Google Assistant. The strings contain payment information related to the phone number or the address of the user.

Revelation by Line Codes

One string particularly allows the user to select a credit card that they want to link to this feature. Some lines are present connected with a billing address or a shipping address. Users can also specify the device that is linked to the Google Assistant, which they will be using for making payments, so that no purchases are made by mistake.

One code line reads that users can very soon start paying for a product or service. This means that the service will be available in the future, though the exact time is not known. However, if Google has added such a line in the app, it means that the voice payment feature will surely arrive at some point of time.

Payment Interface Indicated

The XDA developers claim that there is proof that this feature of voice commands for making payments through Assistant has already been implemented partially, in the beta application’s APK file. This is on account of the reference made to some layout files connected to the payment interface. The payment feature could be baked in the app itself, with Google taking some steps for preparing the service before launching it to all users of the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant

Payments Using Google Assistant

Currently, users can make payments using Assistant only through the service applications. The new feature will expand this support for online shopping transactions, making it as easy as the payment services offered by Amazon Alexa. Users are very interested in this payment feature and it is sure to be launched very soon. This will allow Google to compete with rival digital assistants, such as Sire and Alexa. However, it is not known as to when this feature will come for the Google Assistant.

Keyboard Inputs

Another recent news claimed that there could be a keyboard input choice available for the Google Assistant. Users can type out their requests in text along with the voice option.

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