Google Assistant Now Allows You to Share Articles on Twitter and Google+ by Using Voice Commands

Ok Google to Share Articles

Google Assistant is a very important component of the modern vision of Google and more importantly to the newly launched Pixel smartphones.

Google Assistant is probably the only mobile AI voice-based assistant that is contextually more aware that any other virtual assistant in the market right now. It is capable of easily understanding the follow-up queries to previous questions with the user not having to repeat all the details. Although the voice-based virtual assistant has been receiving praise constantly for its various do’s and don’ts especially for its ability to carry out a conversation by considering and keeping in mind the earlier messages and conversations, there are still quite a few hidden talents and features of the AI virtual assistant which are to be discovered yet by the users by getting their hands on the Pixel phones. An eagle-eyed Google Pixel user has recently discovered a new fun and smart feature of the Assistant that makes it very easy to share web articles which a user is currently reading either to Google+ or on to Twitter.

Google Assistant

As reported to 9 to 5 Google, the Google+ user had posted a video where he discovered that the users can now share their articles on other social media platforms by just giving out a voice command to the Google’s virtual Assistant while they are reading them. However, the tech-based website found out that this feature will apparently allow sharing of articles as of now only to Twitter and Google+. It was not working on any other service like Allo, Facebook, Hangouts, Gmail, or any other social media networks.

Ok Google to Share Articles

If the users wish to share the articles using Google Assistant, then all they have to do is say “OK Google, share this article with Twitter” while they are browsing the article on their Pixel phones. The Google Assistant will then automatically transcribe the link and the title.

The Google+ user who discovered this sharing of articles feature had posted a video where he showcased his find by asking the virtual Google Assistant to share a web page that was being browsed on Chrome on to Google+. The article is then prepped for getting posted online and it will be followed by 2-3 taps before it makes its way onto the social media network. This feature of sharing the articles has been made dubiously convenient.

Ok Google to Share Articles

Many tech reviewers and critics have reported that the Google Assistant is a much better and a smarter and intelligent virtual assistant that Siri from Apple. Well, it will be very interesting to see now how Apple works on improving Siri to falsify these reports.

Google Assistant was officially launched recently just a few months ago and the company is testing a lot of things on it. So, in addition to the plenty of already existing smart features, a lot more is expected to be added and rolled out along with the future updates to the app.

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