Google Assistant is Baked into Google Allo – What Does this Mean for Users?

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is, without a doubt, the major reason some are jumping to the new Pixel and Pixel XL phones. The AI-based assistant has been built into the phones right from the scratch, allowing users to interact with it from basically all screens.

But before the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, the first time this Google Assistant made it to the public was via the company’s mobile-centric messaging app, Google Allo. On the latter platform, it comes as a chatbot, but there is more you can do with this Assistant when outside Allo, probably more than you can imagine.

For starters, you will for sure enjoy interacting with Google Allo and the Assistant. It learns more from you as you keep using it and in fact, the Google Assistant can remember your line of questions with respect to a given topic, giving answers based on the previous results. This is what makes the Assistant so personal, even more than the likes of Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. The service relies on the already established Google, where it can draw data and give back as feedback whenever any question is asked by users.

Apart from what Google Assistant offers from within Allo, there are other things you can get from this smart application. It is possible to subscribe to things like weather information, fun facts, news stories and any other daily alerts you would like to receive. All alerts will be based on the personal selections you make, including the time you want the alerts to be delivered.

Try asking the Google Assistant to “Show active subscriptions” and you will be served with details of the daily alert channels you are subscribed to. It gets even better just in case you are feeling a little bored. The Google Assistant can play you some songs or even tell you some jokes. There is also room to play some games with the service, just in case there is no one to play against. Simply ask the assistant into playing the game by saying “Let’s play a game.” The Assistant will bring up several games you can pick from, including Solitaire and chat games, among others.

If you are a forgetful person, Google Assistant can help you keep track of your schedule through things like reminders, timers and alarms. You only need to ask it to set a reminder or timer for a specific date, pick the time and that’s it. As for now, it is only Google Allo that has the reminders, but other platforms should also get this feature in the near future.

Google Assistant

The photogenic people using the Google Pixel and Pixel XL will be impressed with the ability of this Google Assistant when it comes to searching photos. You can use specific parameters to search the photos or even ask the Assistant to bring up images captured at a given location. It is also possible to search your Gmail from within Google Allo.

Google Assistant has been integrated into the new Calendar app, thus, you can easily ask it to give you details of your upcoming events based on your schedule. Google Allo can also access your calendar and as such, it is possible to create new calendar entries from within the chat app.

When chatting with a friend and you want to go out, Google Assistant can bring up suggestions of restaurants, hotels, pubs and other nearby places you can check in to have some fun. It has also been suggested that Google will be adding support for third-party to the Assistant through a feature known as Actions on Google. With this, users of the smart assistant will be able to book cabs, order food or even control playback on apps like Spotify, among other interactions with third-party apps.

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