Are You Secure? EU Cautions WhatsApp Over Data-Sharing Deal with Facebook


A couple of months ago, WhatsApp started sharing data with its parent company Facebook, data it claims will help the latter better serve you with relevant ads as well as bring you closer to your lost friends through suggestions based on the provided data.

With this move, the company basically broke its promise of ensuring total privacy with user data where there is no sharing of the same with third-party players, which in this case, is Facebook. At the time the social networking giant purchased WhatsApp, it promised that it will not be interfering with any features or operations of its asset, however, Facebook-like changes have been coming in at an unprecedented pace – a pace that has prompted European privacy watchdogs to come in.

According to the regulators, there are serious concerns with respect to the changes WhatsApp has made to its privacy policy. The regulators have even sent a letter to the firm asking it to stop the data-sharing agreement with Facebook until it has been clarified that none of the privacy rules put forward by the EU are being broken. WhatsApp says that it is closely working with this group to ensure that these concerns have been addressed in the best way possible.


In case you haven’t noticed, it is easy to come across Facebook friends’ suggestions based on your contacts list, something that is believed to be sourced from the shared WhatsApp data. Many have been very critical of this decision, which prompted further investigations into the matter. However, it has now been established that more work needs to be done so as to ensure that the regional privacy rules have not in any case been violated.

As a result of this work, the group of regulators has asked WhatsApp to stop the data sharing practice with Facebook until the deal between the two is scrutinized to determine how the data is really processed. How long this will take is still unknown, but it could take some time.

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