Google Cardboard Camera App bring Virtual Reality Photos to the iOS Users

Cardboard Camera App

Back in December last year, Google had launched its Cardboard Camera app, which can capture virtual reality (VR) photographs.

This app was available so far only for the Android users. This app turns the smartphone’s camera virtually to a 360-degree camera and captures 3D panoramas. A top official of Google Cardboard Camera department claimed that this camera app has seen more than 5 million photos that have been captured so far on its Android app. The app has been now launched for the iOS users and is available for download at the App Store.

Cardboard Camera App

What Exactly is Google Cardboard Camera Bringing for its iOS Users

Apart from its debut for iOS, the Cardboard Camera from Google is also going to be accompanied with a new feature that will allow the users to not only click, but also share their VR photos with their family and friends. For sharing the VR photos, the users will have select multiple photos so that they can create a virtual photo album. Then they will have to just tap on the share icon in the camera app. The Cardboard Camera will instantaneously generate a link which can be sent across to other people within the app. In case the people with the user wants to share the photos does not have a VR headset, then the link can also be sent via message, e-mail, or it can also be shared in other social networking or instant messaging apps or it can also be shared on the web. This sharing feature will be available for both iOS and Android users.

Another highlighting and immersive feature of the Cardboard Camera app from Google is that it can even record sound at the same time of clicking the pictures so that one can not only just see but also hear the moment exactly as it happened at the time of capture. The user can now not just dictate or describe what has been captured, but can also capture the ambient sounds.

A top official representing the Cardboard Camera department had announced in a news blog post that the Cardboard Camera is now available for its iOS as well as for Android users. It was also reported in the post that the users can capture a 3D 360-degree virtual reality photographs. According to the post, to capture a VR photograph, the mobile phone should be held up vertically, tap to record and then turn around exactly like the way a panorama is captured.

Google Cardboard Camera App

Google Cardboard Camera app’s main goal is to me capturing, sharing and viewing of VR photos in a breeze. The users will need a Google Cardboard headset or any of the common phone-based VR headsets that are available in plenty in the market to view the photos. Cardboard Camera is a novel way to muck around in today’s world of virtual reality. The inclusion of the sound component will definitely uplift the experience. However, it is still not as alluring as a 360-degree video.

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