Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016) Spotted with 5.7-Inch Screen

galaxy a8

One of the best looking android devices from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy A8 seemed like being in danger of being a forgotten entity in the long list of Samsung phones.

This was due to the absence of a 2016 refresh while every other Galaxy A series model seems to have received the same. Now, though, Samsung are preparing to launch the Galaxy A8 (2016) even though it may be a little overdue considering that the year is almost about to be completed. Still, one can expect a great device when the Galaxy A8 (2016) hits the floors going by the initial rendering and leaked specifications.

samsung galaxy a8

The phone is expected to come with a 5.7 inch display with aspects like Super AMOLED technology assisting the full HD resolution. The Super AMOLED technology has been a driving force behind the success of Samsung phones in recent years and it has been tweaked even further to make the Galaxy A8 (2016) outstanding in its price segment if rumors are to be believed. In the case of the 2016 Samsung Galaxy A8, though, it will be the display that makes a difference. The 5.1 inch screen on the 2015 edition was good, but this new display could take the phone to new heights.

Instead of offering the snapdragon processor like in most of the high-end Samsung phones available in the United States, the Galaxy A8 (2016) goes for the Exynos 7420 according to the leaks. One of the aspects where the Galaxy A8 (2016) makes a difference is by offering 3 GB of RAM compared to just two in the predecessor. This makes for great multitasking, which was not one of the Galaxy A8 (2015)’s fortes since it also had the inferior snapdragon 615 processor.

galaxy a8

The addition of the new processor is more than likely to help this phone support Android Nougat out of the box, but for some internal reasons, it may ship with the 6.0 marshmallow version for the time being. However, the phone is more than likely to receive the new 7.0 version given its powerful applications. Battery size, connectivity options, and camera are almost similar to the 2015 edition. The phone may be made official in the next few weeks considering that the 2016 versions of the phones are fast going to become obsolete in the next couple of months. Samsung are likely to hurry up the launch of the 2017 Samsung Galaxy A8.

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