Google Cardboard VR is Officially the Cheapest VR Headset Available

Google Cardboard

If you are looking for the cheapest way to get immersed in the trending virtual reality world, the new Google Cardboard VR is just what you need to go after.

The Cardboard VR headset is available via the official Google web store and it costs a mere $15. Before the search engine giant made this move, it was only possible to get this Google Cardboard VR headset via third party resellers or when it is bundled with other products.

The best thing about this new Cardboard VR is that it is really very simple. In addition, the headset is compatible with almost all new smartphones as well as applications that are also supported on the Google Cardboard platform.

Buy one Google Cardboard VR headset for $15 or two for $25

Google is keen for its Cardboard VR headset to be a major hit in the seemingly booming virtual reality market. Rather than just bring in the device at a hugely discounted price, there is an offer on top of the deal as well.

Buyers of the Google Cardboard VR headset will not only be able to buy one headset for $15, there is also room for buying two headsets for just $25, instead of the expected $30 for the same number of devices.

Google Cardboard

Google has further availed a new virtual reality section in its web store. Here, you can also come across things like Google Tech C1 Glass VR Viewer or the View-Master goggles, however, the experience these two headsets offer is no different from what you get with Google Cardboard.

Availability of Google Cardboard VR

Just recently, market experts predicted that the virtual reality industry is growing big and by the time 2020 is here, it will be worth more than $110 billion. With this in mind, many companies are working more than hard to ensure that VR headsets reach the largest population possible.

Google is expected to be doing the same with its Cardboard VR headset, but at the moment, it is only available to dwellers of the United States. Other companies such as Samsung, which recently launched the Gear VR, and HTC, which has opened up preorders for its Vive VR headset, are ready to step up their efforts in other major markets across the globe. LG and Alcatel are also among other companies planning to unveil VR headsets while Facebook’s Oculus VR has already unveiled its Oculus Rift VR headset.

These efforts are evidence enough that the virtual reality industry is destined for greatness and this is just the beginning.

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