How Much Does the Samsung Galaxy S7 Cost on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon?

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is here, but it’s not official. While no details about its official availability and pricing were mentioned during the unveiling at the recently-concluded MWC in Barcelona, we now have them ready for you.

Samsung unveiled this flagship alongside an upgrade to last year’s curved edge S6, this time coming in with Galaxy S7 Edge. Preorders of these devices begun a day following their announcement, but now Samsung has confirmed that the official availability of the phones in over 60 countries is March 11.

The market price of the Galaxy S7 is $669 whereas the Galaxy S7 Edge is priced at $779. However, there is an option to get any of these phones via carrier-based plans of monthly installments, but with no down payment required from all involved carriers.

As mentioned earlier, preorders for Samsung Galaxy S7 and its brother the S7 Edge can still be made through AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint as well as Verizon. In this package, customers will also get a free Samsung Gear VR headset in addition to several bundled games to enjoy with the headset.

Pricing of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on major U.S. carriers

As mentioned earlier, the Galaxy S7 has a retail price of $669 while the S7 Edge is valued at $779. However, each of the four major wireless carriers in the country has varied prices for these gadgets. Here’s the complete breakdown.


If you are an AT&T customer, you can get the latest Galaxy S7 base model for just $23.17 a month, which is equivalent to $694.99. The available color variants are Black Onyx and Gold Platinum. If the Galaxy S7 Edge is your thing, AT&T is offering it for $26.50 per month or a total of $794.99. The Edge gets an additional Silver Platinum color.


T-Mobile has two options for you: either get the Galaxy S7 phone for a one-time fee of $669.99 or opt for the monthly installments of $27.92. The same color variants are available. For Galaxy S7 Edge, T-Mobile is asking for $32.50 per month or a total of $779.99. Just like the above case, T-Mobile’s Galaxy S7 Edge has three color variants; however, the giant carrier is making the deal sweeter by including a free Netflix subscription for a year.

Samsung Galaxy S7


The 32GB model of Samsung Galaxy S7 on Verizon will cost $672 in total. Alternatively, you can get it for just $28 a month, with the same color variants of Black Onyx and Gold Platinum available. Those after Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on Verizon will have to part with $792 in total or $33 per month. In addition, the carrier will provide you with a $100 credit when you buy any of the two phones as well as a free Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. Alternatively, Verizon will be offering a Samsung Gear VR headset for free, alongside several games.


Sprint has quite a number of interesting offers. The most welcoming is the buy one Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and get 50% discount off the second phone. In addition to this, the 32GB Galaxy S7 is available for $25.99 per month under the Galaxy Forever plan where customers can upgrade their phones anytime after making 12 payments.

Another option on the table at Sprint is a $27.09 monthly fee with a low monthly plan cost, but you only own the phone once it’s paid off. Alternatively, you can part with $199.99 today and own the Galaxy S7 right away at a higher monthly plan cost. If monthly plans are not your thing, Sprint has what is actually the best retail price for the new phone – $649.99. Sprint is also offering the same color variants for the Galaxy S7 as AT&T.

If you love the curved Galaxy S7 Edge, Sprint will let you have it for a one-time payment of $749.99 or get through one of these three options: $299.99 upfront and own the device right away but at a higher monthly plan, $32.25 monthly fee but with a low-cost monthly plan and you only own the phone once it’s paid off while the other option is the Galaxy Forever plan of $30.50 monthly fee, but with no down payment. Like the Galaxy S7, you will also be able to upgrade anytime after making 12 payments. Available color variants for the S7 Edge are Black Onyx, Silver Platinum, and Gold Platinum.


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