Google Chrome 55 for Android Now Supports Offline Downloads and More

Google Chrome 55

Google Chrome 55 is now official and it should be coming your way via the Google Play Store in the new few days.

One major highlight of Chrome 55 is the fact that this browser will be dropping the support for Adobe Flash Player in favor of HTML5. This is a huge move that many other platforms have been making in the recent past. In fact, Google’s own YouTube already made this transition, but it is only now that the most popular web browser in the world is making the shift.

Google Chrome 55 Offline Downloads

But if you thought this is all that Google Chrome 55 brings to the table, well, there is more!

According to the search engine giant, the latest Chrome 55 comes with a bunch of performance enhancements, memory and stability fixes as well as some new features. One of the major features that have been added to the new Google Chrome 55 for Android is the ability to make easy downloads for music, videos and web pages. But there is more to these downloads as users can view these downloaded files even when offline. It is possible to view then through Chrome as well as share with other people on different platforms when offline.

It gets even better as the new Google Chrome 55 for Android also adds a new spell checking feature. With this one, the misspelled words in the text fields will be highlighted on your web pages.

Google Chrome 55

As noted earlier, Google Chrome 55 has just been released and given the nature of the update, it will be rolling out gradually to different parts of the world and platforms as well. Android 7.1 Nougat users will be given the first priority followed by those already using Android 7.0 Nougat. The rollout should continue that way until all supported devices are updated with the same features – something that can take a few days.

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