Apple iPhone 7S Could Come After All; New Red Color in the Works

Apple iPhone 7S Hit Shores in 2017

Several rumors have so far indicated that the Apple iPhone 7S would not see the light of the day, as Apple are heavily oriented towards opting for the Apple iPhone 8.

The skip to the next generation is largely motivated by the 10th anniversary celebrated by iPhone next year. As a result, the iPhone 8 is expected to pack quite a lot of tech including a OLED screen just like seen on the new MacBook Pros but just on a bigger scale.

Apple iPhone 7S Hit Shores in 2017

Contrary to all those rumors that have existed for, it has now emerged that the Apple iPhone 7S may indeed hit the shores in 2017. This phone will not have all the aspects mode on an iPhone so far – curved display, OLED screen, wireless charging, and a rear surface made entirely out of glass. These are expected to be featured in the iPhone 8 as expected, but the only change seems to be that the iPhone 8 may not come in 2017 September.

There have been recent reports of Apple facing a long shortage with regard to the OLED panels, as manufacturers are simply not available to make it on a huge scale. The company has found that no shortage of offers for the MacBook Pro, but the iPhones are expected to sell in huge numbers compared to the top of the line laptop from the Cupertino giant.

Latest rumors hint that the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will come with new processors and colors, but with no significant changes. The current generation A10 Fusion chipset on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are supremely fast and have received a lot of praise for the way they transform some of the actions on the phone. The Apple iPhone 7S could come with a new A11 chipset. This new processor is unlikely to offer a significant improvement in performance, but it will be faster than the A10 nonetheless.

iPhone 7S Come with New Red Color

The current generation iPhone introduced several new colors like the matte black and jet black. They have proven to be incredibly popular. While they will be retained on the iPhone 7S, the phone is rumored to be made available in the red color for the first time. It would surely be a revelation to see the iPhone in such a dashing color. Given that Apple usually gets its colors extremely spot on, it is highly likely that the red will be a popular option especially amongst the youth.

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