Google Chrome 55, Chrome 56 Beta Default to HTML5 for Select Users

Chrome use HTML5 as Default

Google Chrome 55 started rolling out recently and one of the major features that highlighted the new version was the debut of HTML5 at the expense of Adobe Flash Player.

Quite a number of people have already updated to the new Google Chrome version, but not everyone is enjoying the new and better HTML5. The good side of the story is that some users have already started seeing HTML5 content instead of Flash Player when using this browser. Still, it is possible to explicitly allow Adobe Flash Player to play content that has already been defaulted to HTML5.

Google Chrome 55

If you are already on Google Chrome 56 beta, the feature is already live, however, the search engine giant said that the feature will be active on at least 1% of all those using the stable Chrome 55 version in the next few days. By the time February 2017 is around, all users of the newer Google Chrome 56 stable will have HTML5 enabled by default on their devices.

This date was coming since Google had confirmed back in February this year that it will be shifting from Adobe Flash Player to HTML5 by default somewhere in Q4 2016. Back then, the tech giant did not mention the specific date, but later in August, it confirmed that this changeover will take place in December – what a perfect timing!

Chrome use HTML5 as Default

Some of the problems that Adobe Flash Player has been identified to cause include reduced battery life as well as dragging the memory usage and CPU as well. It gets even worse when it comes to security issues. With HTML5, all of these problems are solved. By the end of 2017, Google Chrome will have completed the changeover for all sites, meaning that sites will start asking users for permission to play Flash content.

Have you updated to Google Chrome 55 or Chrome 56 beta? If yes, has the shift from Adobe Flash Player to HTML5 been effected on your side? Please share your experience with us through the comments.

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