Apple iPhone 7 AirPods Delay Continues, Possibly Due to Technical Issues

Apple iPhone 7 AirPods

Apple iPhone 7 launched without the 3.5mm headphone jack and instead, Cupertino also debuted a pair of wireless AirPods that one can use to listen to music while charging their phones via the Lightning Port – the same port that is used to connect the phone’s new headphone set.

However, Apple has never released the said AirPods and apparently, the wait for their launch is set to go on, a Wall Street Journal report alleges. The report also adds that the main reason behind the continuous delays for the release of this device could be associated to technical problems.

Apple iPhone 7 AirPods

On Friday, The Wall Street Journal revealed that Apple AirPods delays are as a result of technology issues with respect to how earpieces receive Bluetooth signals, the medium used to connect the device to the iPhone 7. This revelation has prompted Apple blogger to respond to the claims, arguing that technical problems related to wireless connectivity may not be the problem behind this delay. According to John Gruber, his prototype AirPods is in good shape as far as wireless technology is concerned. Still, Gruber has his side of the story, instead faulting a manufacturing error for the delay.

Many thought that they could include Apple AirPods as holiday gifts to their friends and families this Christmas, but it appears that this won’t materialize as expected. Initially, Apple was to start shipping the new wireless earphones as from October following their September launch. Interestingly, Apple did not give a reason as to why it postponed the shipping.

Apple iPhone 7 AirPods Delay

It is surprising to see Apple keep delaying the release of a device that was meant to be a companion of the iPhone 7. But whether any of the said reasons is why the AirPods are delaying or not, it is a high time Apple came out with a better reason as to why the device hasn’t shipped just yet. Regarding these claims, the tech giant hasn’t issued out any comment.

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