Google Chrome 56 to Flag HTTP Websites as Non-secure Starting Jan. 2017

Google Chrome version 55

Google Chrome 56 beta is already out and it follows the stable release of Chrome 55 – a version that made one of the biggest changes in the browser’s history by ditching Adobe Flash Player in favor of a more advanced HTML5.

This change was coming after Google revealed that it will be moving its content to HTML5 in Q4 2016, but there is a new development regarding the upcoming Google Chrome 56, a version that should be released this coming 2017. According to the latest reports, Chrome 56 will debut a new feature where websites that are still on HTTP protocol will be flagged as unsecure.

This statement was first made by Google a few months ago and while there was little seriousness in the same back then, it seems we are entering a new era of security with Google Chrome 56. Any website that collects user passwords or even credit cards details and is still on HTTP will be flagged as non-secure, however, since Chrome 56 is still in beta, this change will wait until 2017.

The reason why Google will be taking this direction is supposedly because it noticed that some Google Chrome users are not taking into account the notification send out for HTTP websites. Despite being notified of the dangers of a website by Google, people still keep on using or rather accessing the websites even if they are being asked for their personal credit card or general account password information.

Google Chrome 55

With the upcoming Google Chrome 55, users will see a red triangle indicating that the HTTP website in question is not secure. This feature will also be seen by those using the browser in Incognito mode, making it more secure than before.

As noted earlier, this feature will be pushed to the stable version of Google Chrome 56 beginning early 2017, however, the feature is already live on the beta version of this browser. Whether the likes of Mozilla Firefox or even Opera Mini will also take this same direction as Google in the near future is still unknown, but it would be a much welcome idea if all did the same.

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