Google Chrome 57 is Now Available for Chrome, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows Devices

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Google Chrome 57 has finally left the beta channel and is now rolling out to Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, with Android and iOS devices expected to follow suit really soon.

As usual with a new software update, we expect to see a bunch of new additions, performance improvements as well as tweaks to previous features. Well, the latest Google Chrome 57 doesn’t disappoint on either front. Among the major additions to the new version include a CSS Grid Layout alongside some API improvements. Furthermore, developers are also going to enjoy this update thanks to a bunch of new features that are specifically aimed at this group.

With the mass user base that Google Chrome commands, it has become very significant for developers to keep themselves updated with the many changes and updates that Google adds to the browser. This is needed to ensure that they deliver the best web applications that fit the exact needs of the more than 1 billion people that use the browser.

For instance, the new CSS Grid Layout is something that developers need to pay attention to, especially since it revolves around responsive design for the UI. Given the different screen sizes that are used on devices across the tech industry, this 2D grid-based layout is meant to give developers more control in ensuring that they deliver applications that are less complex and easy to maintain along the way.

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As usual, the updated Google Chrome 57 also comes with a bunch of security fixes – 36 to be specific. Apparently, users will be shown a badge in the URL bar that confirms the secure nature of the website or page being accessed via the browser. If you are using a Chrome device, v57 of the browser adds support for installation of Android kiosk apps as well as kiosk app management.

You can update to Google Chrome 57 via the app’s inbuilt updater or simply visit the official Chrome website for a full download of the latest version. As noted, this update is currently rolling out to desktops, but those on Android, iOS and Chrome OS devices will be receiving it sooner than later.

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