Google Chrome 57 Updates Custom Tabs with Full Tab Controls

Chrome 56

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world and there’s no single shred of a doubt about that.

One thing that makes the Chrome web browser such a popular web browsing application is the fact that it comes pre-installed on all Android devices – devices that account for a huge percentage of all handheld devices across the globe. In addition to the being available on basically all devices, Chrome web browser also keeps up with Google’s promise of keeping everything simple and easy to use.

Although simple and easy to use as Google would like us to believe, it can at times get frustrating when using Google Chrome. If you have been using Chrome 56 and you regularly interact with Chrome Custom Tabs, you’ll for sure know where this frustration is coming from. If you don’t, here is a small recap of what the app does.

Google introduced Chrome Tabs back in 2015 and since then, they have been more than a revelation to the smartphone fraternity. These tabs enable apps to open pages in Chrome without the need of actually opening the main Chrome app on its own. There is no doubt that Custom Tabs load faster and in fact, one of the best things about them is they try to keep the same color of the host app and furthermore, they can also open up pages in the Chrome browser much more easily.

Google Chrome 57 beta

However, one ugly thing about Google Chrome Custom Tabs is that they offer limited controls when compared to simply opening the page via the full Chrome app. If anything, the only things you can do with Custom Tabs on Chrome 56 are basic navigation, share a link and open the page in the main Chrome app. But this is going to change with the incoming Google Chrome 57, at least according to what the beta version is currently showing.

The new version of Google Chrome 57 beta now brings full functionality of Custom Tabs, just like what happens with using them in the main Chrome app. Users will now be able to search the page, create a Home Screen shortcut of the page as well as request the desktop version. In case you are interested in reading the page at a later time, there is room to bookmark or save it altogether.

Have you installed the latest version of Google Chrome 57 beta? If you haven’t, make sure you grab it so as to enjoy the latest updates in Custom Tabs. Do remember that beta versions of apps are not usually stable and as such, you might experience errors, bugs, and possible crashes when using this Chrome 57 beta.

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