Google Chrome Capsizes Internet Explorer to Become the Top Browser

Google Chrome Become the Top Browser

Google Chrome dethroned the Internet Explorer (IE) by Microsoft in the first quarter of 2016 ending its long rule and became the top Internet browser.

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The percentage of desktop share of Chrome at the end of the first quarter this year was 41.7 percent as calculated by NetMarketShare, whereas Internet Explorer had lost the first place by a narrow margin with a 41.4 percent share. This win is a 2.6 percent hike from March 2016 and has a scanty lead of 0.3 percent over Internet Explorer, whose share dropped by an approx 2.1 percent from 43.4 to 41.3 percent. The graph, by, showed that the trend line for Chrome was rising, while for Internet Explorer, the line fell down the slope. These two internet giants have been at loggerheads, contending for the first place in the market, leaving the other contenders lagging behind to bite the dust. According to the market tracker, Mozilla’s browser Firefox had a 9.76 percent share that was followed by Safari with a 4.91 percent share. Konqueror and Opera did not make even 2 percent of a combined share. All the other browsers that were lagging in the market share except for Firefox have maintained a consistent service since June 2015, though it was in comparatively small numbers. And the Internet Explorer was slowly taking the plunge.

Google’s software used for browsing the internet, the Chrome was given the title 4 years back by StatCounter, another market tracker, which reported that it has a bigger lead than Internet Explorer in this April 2016 quarter.

Google Chrome Capsizes Internet Explorer

NetMarketShare also reported that the Chrome browsing software was used by smartphones and mobile devices, to access the internet, by a little more that 49 percent of the market. These results of the market performance came in at a time when Google is under constant surveillance, especially in the European countries over its reigning position in the Internet lifestyle while Microsoft was concentrating on its cloud computing serviceability and pursuing business.

The brand new Edge software for browsing was fielded by Microsoft and was synched with Windows 10 which is the latest operating system of the current generation and also incorporated the Cortana essential assistant capabilities to gain more users. It has been reported that Chrome is used not only by the Mac Pro users, but also is widely used by the Digital Analytics Program (DAP) of the US government, with a usage share of 43.3 percent compared to 19.4 percent of the Internet Explorer.

Microsoft owned almost half of the market in desktop browser shares during June 2015, but it has not managed to climb up the graph since then. Microsoft had a 25 percent fall in its quarterly profit which was reported last month since the company drifted away from its original role of a software marketer to a service based business. NetMarketShare had always claimed to report unique data and weighs its reviews and information against all the other internet influx around the world. Though other competing statistics reported that the internet biggie Google took over its arch rival in the market long time back, NetMarketShare has revealed its results favoring Google for the first time.

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