Google Chrome OS to Support Google Play and Android Apps

Google Chrome OS to Support Google Play and Android Apps

After a faux pas revealing all the details of the I/O schedule, 2016 Google has made an official statement announcing that Chrome OS users shall get access to Android apps via Google Play.

There are millions of Android apps available across the Google Play Store. All these millions and a lot more content can be accessed on the Chrome OS itself.

Following the tradition even this time, Google will bring the new feature of Chrome, first to the developer channel. This new feature will first be introduced to the M53 developer channel of Chrome OS version 53 running on touch-enabled Chromebooks sometime early in June this year. The stable channel as per plan should arrive by September or October this year. The Chrome OS computers with a touch-sensitive will be the first of the lot to be tested while those without a touch-enabled feature will get tested for it sometime later this year. The latest Chromebook Pixel, the Asus Chromebook Flip and the Acer Chromebook R 11 are the computers which have the touch- sensitive traits and they are the first ones to be tested to check the Chrome OS support for Android apps and Google Play. There is a list available on the internet that has been posted by Google, which gives out the names of the Chromebooks which will be receiving this feature sometime later in 2016.

The very point of accessing the Android apps via Chrome OS, in the Chromebook means that the users can now download all the apps and exercise them on their devices itself. So now Microsoft Office, Games, Skype, apps for Photo editing – the whole range of Android apps is available on the Chrome OS in Google Play. The users will not have to struggle to resize the apps since they will be available in three different window sizes. The users can also move around the windows and multi-task at the same time. The apps should be able to register the mouse, keyboard and touch aids together. The Chrome OS Android framework will be updated directly by Google and the framework will work be running in a container. The apps will allow access to connectivity, sound, storage and many other aspects.

Google Chrome OS to Support Google Play

The Chrome OS team had a visitor from Ars Technica who was there at the company to observe how this new option worked. They reported that a lot of efforts should be put in still to make this feature a success. As of now the goal seems to be that the feature runs smoothly with not much effort from the developer’s side to keep the Android app on the run. The in-line replies and the notifications still need to be put to work without hiccups. The Android apps seem accustomed to the native Windows version of the Chrome OS, making them look as if they are a part of the OS itself. The Chrome OS seems to have latched onto a few tricks from Android which guarantees that the sharing and steadfast systems should work properly, even when it is a particular type of app or any website to another similar platform.

This new merger is expected to go out all the way sometime in September or October this year. Though this news might seem cool and interesting, statistics have reported that users are not interested in Android apps as it is expected to be. Chromebooks have been a hit with the buyers especially from schools, because of their ability to be locked down easily and for their simplicity. This is one strong reason why Google is giving out a brief about the white-listed apps or it might even entirely block the access to the Google Play Store.

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