Google Chrome Trailing Microsoft’s IE as the World’s Most Popular Browser

Google Chrome

Despite its availability on a huge number of devices that include smartphones, tablets and PCs, Google Chrome is still nowhere near Internet Explorer as far as browser popularity is concerned.

However, it seems the days of Internet Explorer reigning as the most popular web browser in the world are almost over thanks to the continued rise of Google Chrome as well as the shift of focus by Microsoft from IE to the new Microsoft Edge. Chrome is almost overtaking IE as the most popular web browser in the world as the latter continues to fall down the pecking order for many users.

Google Chrome has on many occasions been hyped as the most used web browser in the world. However, the latest stats show otherwise. According to NetMarketShare, Google Chrome accounts for about 39.09% of the entire web browsing market share. Even though the figure is still significant, it is 3.5% lower than what Internet Explorer has, which is a massive 43.4% of the total share.

Even though Internet Explorer still leads the way as far as web market share is concerned, the latest stats show that the Windows-based browser has dropped its share of the market by a significant 1.39%. While this was happening, the browser’s closest rival, Google Chrome, was busy gaining a massive 2.53% of the share. What this shows is that for the past month, Google has managed to attract more customers to Chrome than Microsoft has managed to do the same with IE. In fact, all Microsoft has done is lose customers, probably to Google Chrome or some other web browser like Firefox, Opera or even the new Edge.

Google Chrome

If Google Chrome’s growth rate continues at this same pace, there is really nothing that will stand in its quest towards becoming the most popular web browser in the world. The downward growth of IE is, on the other hand, largely as a result Microsoft’s move to Edge and consequently neglecting IE. As per the latest stats, Microsoft Edge has about 3.55% of the market share, which is still way behind what Chrome has, or even Internet Explorer 9 (4.56%). What gives IE all the market share is Internet Explorer 11, which accounts for about 23.18% of the market share. This figure is better than what Google Chrome 49 has, which is 13.67%.

Internet Explorer has been around for a very long period, yet Chrome’s 7-year existence seems to be a threat to its existence. Maybe it’s because of Google’s feature-packed browser or just because Microsoft didn’t bother improving the browser. It will be interesting to see what materializes in the next 7 years as Microsoft looks to replace IE with Edge. However, it is doubtful whether Edge will live up to the same heights as IE since the former is only available on Windows 10, which is still less popular than older operating systems such as Windows 7.

At this rate, Google Chrome might surpass Internet Explorer as the world’s most popular web browser by the end of May.


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