Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Active: Similarities and Differences

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Samsung Galaxy S7 is already in the market after it was released last month. As the phone’s sales continue to prove critics wrong, rumors of a ruggedized version of the phone have started emerging.

Last year Samsung released Galaxy S6 and followed it with a rugged version known as Galaxy S6 Active. As indicated earlier, the Active variant is a ruggedized version of the flagship, but usually, it carries almost the same hardware specs under the hood as the flagship counterpart.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, if released, is also expected to follow the same path. However, Samsung had a rather easier differentiating the S6 Active from the S6 thanks to the fact that the latter chose to do away with water and dust resistance features; all of which were made available on the rugged version. But what about this year and how will the Galaxy S7 Active differ from the standard Galaxy S7?

Hardware specs and features

With the Galaxy S Active variant having been around since the days of Samsung Galaxy S4, there is no doubt that it is still coming. When it comes, Samsung Galaxy S7 Active will pack the same specs under the hood as its flagship counterpart. If this is true, the phone might also be exclusive to AT&T, just like last year’s model.

Under the hood of Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, expect to see a Snapdragon 820 chipset that dropped the 8 cores used in last year’s Snapdragon 810 in favor of four cores. To support the CPU is an Adreno 530 GPU and a massive RAM of 4GB, just like the one installed on the standard Galaxy S7. The same amount of onboard storage will be featured and so will the camera specs and setup. This will be the same case throughout most of the internal setup of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

As mentioned earlier, the S6 Active came in with dust and water proof features as one of the major ways of making it rugged when compared to the S6 which lacked both features. This year’s Galaxy S7 already has these features with an even better rating of IP68. To make Samsung Galaxy S7 Active an even tougher option, reports have it that the South Korean giant might change the Ingress Protection methods used and instead come in with much higher specs.

If rumors are to be believed, Samsung Galaxy S7 Active will feature military-grade protection, just like last year’s S6 Active. Samsung will be looking to improve on the MIL-STD-810G certification that was used on the S6 Active when coming in with its successor. Of course, expect the design material to also feature tougher components.

Another thing that will probably change is the battery capacity. Last year, the S6 Active had a larger battery than the S6. The same is also expected to happen, despite the fact that Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a better battery unit of 3000mAh.

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