Google Chrome Free Download – Tricks to Make Life Easier

Google Chrome

Offering a Sleek Package

Chrome has progressed far beyond its basic purpose and today it performs a new role of offering digital magic. Several services have now migrated to the cloud, thereby reinforcing the multi functional role of Chrome and making it almost like an operating system by itself. Though there are debates on the subject, it seems that Chrome offers the best minimalist browser package, with the majority of the people using it, with Firefox and Safari trailing behind. Chrome is known for its clean user interface and versatility, along with plenty of extensions.

Google Chrome

Chrome 50

Chrome 50 was released in April 2016, bringing in additional features for Windows, Linux and OS X. The new version enables addition of push notification payload. Delivery of notification is swifter, as the data is sent along with messages. In case of developers, it will enable customization of notifications using buttons or time stamps. The websites will offer the user notifications with options of silent/sound and vibration.

It also brings in declarative preloads, through which a site developer can inform the browser regarding the resources needed for proper display of a page. This will significantly reduce the time for a page to load.

Download Chrome 50 for Android

The new version is also available for Android devices and can be downloaded from Google Play, though the iOS app has not still got an update. In case of this browser version, users can opt and select the time when they wish to delete their browsing history. The earlier version up to Chrome 49 used to directly delete all browsing data, whereas with the new version, users can tap on it to open a new window with several options. They can also choose the time from which they wish to delete the history, such as: right from the beginning; previous hour or day or week or the last four weeks.

For Developers

Developers can use the Accessibility Scanner for testing their application’s accessibility. The tool offers suggestions regarding how they can improve the app, by adding bigger buttons, increasing contrast to benefit those with visual problems, and so on.

Voice Access Feature (Beta)

This beta feature allows Android users having a problem using touchscreen to use their voice for controlling the device. For instance, they can say ‘ Open Chrome’ ‘Click Next’ ‘ Scroll down’ and other commands.

Google Documents (Docs)

While using Chrome on the web, users can access the latest typing and editing abilities along with voice formatting in Google Docs. It is beneficial for users who are not able to use the touchscreen for editing the documents. Such accessibility allows all users to get the benefit of the web, especially those with physical disabilities, as it enhances users accessibility.

Chrome Operating System

Those using Chromebook can opt for ChromeVox Next Beta, in order to view what is coming up newly, using the screen reader. In the latest version, they can access an improved keyboard, new navigation sounds, and a panel for displaying speech output and Braille.

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    Google and the Chrome team are certainly leading the way in the new progressive web revolution! Have you tested out push notifications? Very sleek.

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