Temple Run 2 – Taking the Gaming World by Storm

Temple Run 2

Imangi Studios first introduced Temple Run in 2012 and since then the gaming world has never been the same.

Keith Shepherd and his wife Natalia Luckyanova founded the game in the year 2008. Temple Run 2 is the sequel to the original game and it is a hugely successful game, with over 15 millions of downloads from everywhere in the world. A record six million download was noted on the opening day of the new release.

Advanced Version of Basic Gameplay

Temple Run 2 brings in a lot of additions that make it a unique game. For instance, there are train cars and hills along with ropes and stairs. Though these additions have been incorporated, the gameplay continues to remain the same. Hence, players of the original game find it familiar and are happy to play an advanced version of their favorite game.

Additional Power Ups

The original game was truly amazing, but the sequel is even more so. In the earlier version, progress from level to level was rather messy, but this has been rectified in the sequel. Players are aware of what is needed to go to the next level, so this makes it simpler and easier to play and to proceed in the levels.

Temple Run 2

What Else is New?

The sequel brings in excellent graphics and fresh organic environments. The obstacles are new and there are more power ups. The monkey is bigger, the achievements have been increased and each of the characters now comes with a special power. Each character outfit now comes with names offering more clarity to the objective of the level. Artifacts are now grouped on the basis of the world, making it easier to locate them. Bugs have been fixed and issues have been resolved. The quality of the graphics and the effects has vastly improved, with the stages feeling bigger with additional variety for the various levels.

The basic gameplay remains the same, meaning that the player is still a thief with the stolen idol and he has to continue running. However, in Temple Run 2, the monkey is huge and there is only one of it chasing the player, instead of the original three smaller monkeys.

Same Controls

The controls in the sequel are similar to those in the original game. Players have to to tilt for horizontal movement and must collect coins. In addition, they need to swipe upwards for jumping and downwards for sliding. If the player wants to change the direction towards the left or the right, he has to swipe towards that direction. For those who have played Temple Run, the sequel is easy.


Temple Run 2 brings in the same endless running game as the original, but with a lot of improvements in its gameplay. If you loved the original, you are bound to love this one too. You can earn coins through the game and unlock content and access power ups. Alternately, you can also buy these using real currency. However, the game does not force players to make such purchases.

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