Google Daydream VR Gets 6 New Titles along with HBO Now and Go VR

HBO Now and Go VR

Google has launched a set of games and apps for its Daydream Virtual Reality headset.

The new influx moves Google closer to the 50 apps that the search giant promised to bring to the headset by the end of 2016. There are six new games and two video apps available on the VR now. Here are the details;

Lego Brickheadz Daydream VR

Lego Brickheadz Builder VR

Lego’s Brickheadz is more of a puzzle built around creativity and building. The game involves playing around with Legos by following command prompts on a magical book with formulas to unlock new items. Using the handy Daydream remote controller, players are required to build Brickheadz characters and let them interact to unravel more stuffs. This particular game is free, no in-app acquisitions, Daydream VR gamers can actually try it out without digging into their pockets.

Need For Speed: No Limits VR

EA and ‘Need for Speed’ developer Firemonkeys have opted to partner Google for the game’s Daydream VR adaptation. The title which is named ‘No Limits VR’ was supposed to arrive with others but seemingly its release has been postponed, all the same it will be a sure hit when it arrives. Typically, it’s just the traditional ‘Need for Speed’ game but in the VR game players control the cars from within where they can easily peek through the surrounding for oncoming and following cars as well as keep police wheels on watch. Manipulating the steering wheel by motion controller as you take on AI opponents is much cooler than the traditional car racing games. Regrettably, the game is available in the stores for a disappointing price of $20.

Gunjack 2: End of Shift

End of Shift is a sequel to the original title Gunjack Arcade shooter which is now available on Gear VR. This instalment, however, is more fascinating andhas better controls courtesy of Daydream controller. Players can seamlessly bring down rival ships by aiming and shooting as they float in the vicinity. The gamevends at $12.99 which is quite much but is worth the game which unlike its prequel has got a storyline.

Layers of Fear: Solitude

This title is a survival horror game and a Daydream VR rendition of the popular ‘Layer of Fear’. The game is centered on an insane painter venturing through a strange mansion in search of a hidden object. The player uses the controller to move the character in the surreal building manipulating different items like doorknobs and drawers seeking to land hints. In the process scary and astounding occurrences happen around you. Just like End of Shift, its price of $10 is relatively high but it’s a good game altogether being that it’s naturally immersive making it tacky for the VR.

UnderWorld Overlord

Created by Other Side Entertainment, Underworld Overlord is a towering defense game which revolves around Dungeons and Overlord. The title has been made exclusive to Google’s Daydream Headset and it seeks to fill up a very important Towering Defense niche. The VR version allows players to protect their dungeons from enemies by commanding their sycophant evil armies from above. The title sells at fair price of $7.99.


The wizard dueling player vs player title which is already available on Samsung Gear VR is now available on Daydream machine.Players are expected to build a Wind by selecting four spells, they should also learn about these spells because they are the principal part of the title. There after players are required to take on other players on one-on-one warfare. Unfortunately, you cannot game by yourself, you have to engage other players.The title is going at a runaway price of $5.99 which might scare away most gamers.

HBO Now and Go VR

HBO Now and Go VR

HBO Now is a stripped down version of HBO, it is actually a streaming-only edition of the subscription service. On the other hand, HBO Go VR is now back in the Google Play Store after being pulled from the official Android store sometimes back.These two apps allow subscribers to watch movies and series on a VR large monitor.

Recall, to play these games are for Android phones and you need a Daydream viewer and a supported mobile device. Until now, only a few devices pass the headset compatibility test and they include Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL as well as Lenovo’s Moto Z and Moto Z Force.

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