Google Duo and Photos are set to get massive updates, latest APK teardowns reveal

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Google Duo and Google Photos are about to receive major updates if the latest APK teardowns are anything to go by.

When Google Duo was unveiled a year ago, it posed as a dedicated video calling app, but a year is quite a long period in smartphone technology. Apparently, a new version of the app is rolling out and with it comes promises for some cool features ahead.

There have been reports that Google Duo will soon gain full integration with other Google apps that include Phone, Contacts and Android Messages. We have already seen this happen with Google Allo, where the instant messaging app has a button that allows you to make a Duo call without leaving. Ideally, this should be the same result after its integration with the other apps.

Aside from this full integration, Google Duo might also get a new screen sharing feature in a future update. This is a feature that is supposed to enable Google Pixel and Nexus users share their screens, something that should be handy when trying to help your mom solve a problem on her phone while you are away.

The phone icons in the call log have been replaced by video cameras, which can now be tapped to launch into Google Duo. When you tap on a regular call entry, you’ll get an option to call back using Duo. You can also initiate an audio call through the video call entries. The update also means Android users will be able to launch Duo calls directly from the Contacts app.

As for the screen sharing feature, it’s something that Google is possibly working on for updates after the latest v20. In the app’s teardown, there’s a string referencing a “Start or stop screen sharing” command, suggesting that a future Google Duo update could allow users to share screens. However, this is not certain at all.

As for the Google Photos update, it brings v3.7 and with it comes a clarification about the status of the free cloud storage promised to Pixel users. Pixel users enjoy unlimited cloud storage for their photos in the original format, but with the new Pixel 2, it was confirmed that the unlimited* storage will end in 2020. Many were concerned that their photos would disappear since they’ll count against the allowed storage quota for non-Pixel users. Some were also concerned that Google might try to change the format in order to accommodate the extra photos, but thanks to a teardown of the latest Photos app, it’s confirmed that the photos and storage quota will remain untouched.

You can hit the source links below for more details on what these APK teardowns have for the futures of Google Duo and Google Photos apps.

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