Google Employees Create an iOS App for Watching YouTube Videos with Friends

Google Uptime app for YouTube

You got to love Google, don’t you? A leader in the tech world, Google is also one of the best company that every geeky person would love to work for thanks to the famous 20 percent time.

In case you didn’t know, Google’s 20 percent time is a program created by the company where employees can have the equivalent of a single day per week where they work on side projects they desire. In fact, it is this program that inspired the development of some of the best applications you find on your devices, among them Gmail and Google Maps. Also, the company’s ad network Adsense is a product of this 20 percent time program.

Courtesy of the same program, we have a new iOS-centric application that is targeting YouTube lovers. Of course, you love YouTube, right? Well, this application, which goes by the name Uptime, has been designed with iPhone users in mind where you can easily watch YouTube videos with friends – remotely. The Google staff have even added a social networking-like feature where you can comment and react in real time. Cool huh!

Google Uptime app for YouTube

According to the team’s description, Uptime is an application that gives users a chance to share and watch YouTube videos with friends. All you need is to share a video that you want your friends to watch and they’ll immediately join the party, which means you watch it all at the same time. The application also lets you share and curate YouTube videos as well as get video recommendations from the people you follow.

Even though this is a cool app, it only adds to the many apps that we already have installed on our phones. It would have made perfect sense if Uptime would have found a way into the main YouTube app, but as it is, you’ll have to download and install the said application in order to enjoy sharing and watching YouTube videos with friends. Like many other Google apps, the new app is available for free download via the iTunes App Store.

What do you think about this iPhone-only Uptime app?

Source: The Next Web

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