Google Fiber Adds a Voice Calling Plan for Just $10 per Month

Google Fiber

If you already use Google Fiber in your home, there is more headed your way as the company has announced that it will officially be offering bundled telephone services across the country.

Through a company blog post, Google confirmed that it will now add a home phone service to the current bundled broadband services it’s offering in all areas that have access to the company’s all-fiber network. The service, available for just $10 per month, comes in at a time when the search engine giant is competing for the same high-speed services’ space with major players in the country such as AT&T and Comcast.

Current Google Fiber customers who want to be part of this phone plan will be required to buy a Fiber Phone, which is essentially a service that basically works as Google Voice. With this purchase, you will be able to make unlimited calls locally as well as enjoy affordable international calls at rates similar to those on Google Voice. The good side of the story is that Fiber Phone assigns you one phone number which can then be configured to ring on all of your compatible devices, be it a mobile phone, tablet or even landline.

Earlier rumors had pointed out that Google Fiber is planning to jump into the telecom industry, but now it’s official. At the moment, all the company says is that the service will be rolling out gradually to all regions with access to Google Fiber. There is no official date of when the service will launch, including the initial markets to have access to Fiber Phone.

The Fiber Phone

When you pay for the Fiber Phone service, Google will send you a small black box that is meant to rest just beside your home phone. The device has phone and Ethernet jacks, which means compatibility shouldn’t be a problem for many handsets.

Google Fiber

With this move, Google will finally help revive the dwindling landline telephony services. It also comes as a surprise for Google to be exploring the telephony world when traditional players in this niche, for instance, the aforementioned AT&T, are moving into internet service providing. There are even reports that T-Mobile is lining up pure mobile data plans that will come without voice services, which shows how much the carrier is into mobile data provision.

Google will have to work out ways of convincing users that the Fiber Phone is something different from what Google Voice offers. Still, the service could be a welcome for families that still have to pay for landline and are already using Google Fiber broadband and TV services.

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