T-Mobile Set to Unveil Data-Only Plans, No Room for Talk Time

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T-Mobile is reportedly working on launching data-only mobile plans as from March 30. With these plans, subscribers using the carrier will now be able to pay for mobile services that only include data and nothing to do with talk time.

The rumored move by T-Mobile shows how the company is now focused on providing mobile users with high internet services as it looks for ways to attract new and retain current customers. The information about this decision by the carrier came out early this week, claiming that the Simple Choice Data Only mobile plans will do away with voice calling but still include unlimited text messaging services.

T-Mobile will reportedly allow users to make purchases of between 2GB and 22GB per month, but the plans are limited to GSM devices. In addition, those using T-Mobile on a BlackBerry device will have to update to the software version of the latest BlackBerry 10 OS or break the banks to get a BlackBerry Priv, which is powered by Android OS.

For a 2GB data plan, users will have to part with $20 a month while an additional $10 a month will get you 6GB data. If any of these two plans isn’t enough for you, there is room for 10GB, but this needs $50 per month while the 14GB plan asks for an extra $15 a month. Four more GBs of data will demand $80 whereas the highest plan available, which offers 22GB of data, will ask for $95 a month. These are actually the same rates the carrier charges for tablet users. As mentioned earlier, all of these plans will also come with unlimited text messaging.


If you make lots of calls through Skype or Google Hangouts, this should be the best news for you. The Simple Choice Data-Only plans sacrifice voice calling for data, thus, you’ll be sure of getting a larger data pack with the new plan.

The competition to offer users with ways to access the internet is getting stiffer, especially for mobile carriers. It’s not just T-Mobile, but AT&T has also ventured into the high-speed services. Sprint also has its way of luring customers to its data-only services, but it works in partnership with Charge Mobile Data.

The introduction of Simple Choice Data Only plans is just one of the many ways T-Mobile is using to attract new as well as keep existing customers. Others that have also come on board in the recent times include Binge On, Data Stash, unlimited Music Freedom and JUMP! On Demand, among others.

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