Google Finally Responds to Nexus 6P Shutdown Problems

Google Nexus 6P

Google has been busy with promoting the new Pixel and Pixel XL phones, but it seems these efforts have seen the 2015 Nexus 6P somehow forgotten.

The Google Nexus 6P was manufactured by Chinese OEM Huawei and in fact, it remains one of the best-selling smartphones from the search engine giant. However, the release of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL has seen less energy directed towards the 2015 flagship. As a result, the phone has developed quite a number of issues in the recent past – issues that have quite a lot to do with software updates, but the response from Google has not been the best so far.

Most users of the Google Nexus 6P that have updated their devices to the latest Android Nougat have been reporting quite a number of issues with the phone. However, the most notable one, and probably the most annoying issue, is the frequent shutdown of the phone even when the battery juice is still at a massive 50%. Hundreds of people have turned to Reddit in a bid to air their complaints about this issue – an issue that has also been facing Apple iPhone 6 users – but Google has been slow in responding to the matter.

After the number of complaints went past the 1000 mark on a Reddit thread, Google has finally jumped in with a response, but many will not be happy with what the company is presenting as a “solution” to the issue. While many expected something more concrete, a verified Google employee has come in with a statement asking affected Google Nexus 6P users who bought the phone via the official Google Store to contact the store’s support team.

Android Nougat on Google Nexus 6P

Reddit users were quick to show their dissatisfaction at what Google is offering as a way of solving the Nexus 6P shutdown issue. To make matters worse, the Google employee said nothing about what could be the cause of the frequent shutdowns despite claiming the company had investigated the matter with the phone’s maker, Huawei.

While many of those experiencing the issue on their Google Nexus 6P handsets started seeing it following an update to Android Nougat, some who have managed to roll back the software to Android Marshmallow are still experiencing the same. Apparently, a battery replacement has worked for some, suggesting that there could be problems with software and hardware optimizations.

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