Google Flights – Cool and Amazing Features that Give You the Best Bang for the Buck

Google Flights


Google Flight, the travel search site offers several features that are so amazing; they could beat a human agent in several cases.  Here are some of the top tricks the tool can accomplish.

Google Flight

It is an online tool dedicated to travel and will do all the work a travel agent is likely to do for you. It can locate a flight based on the time you want, both outbound and inbound, with the required stop numbers and so o n. The technology used in Google Flights is the same as that in the Orbitz and the KAYAK. The website offers a whole lot of features that are really amazing.

Google Flights


Sending Timely Alerts

You can use the tool on your smartphone to get timely alerts when the price of tickets will probably skyrocket. It will send pop ups related to prices of some flights. All routes are not covered and users cannot control the routes and notifications, but it is still very useful to travellers, as they can know how much time they have for booking their tickets before the prices start to jump.

Search Locations and Flight Price

If you are not sure exactly where to go, you can click on the Flights tab after typing in Flights to USA. You will see the whole continent popping up and also see the prices alongside. You can then compare the prices and see the cost of landing at New York or Boston or anywhere else in the region. There are also other filters available, such as the name of the airline, the flight duration, the price and other criteria.

Planning the Trip

Just as I’m feeling lucky puts the words in your search, the feature works similarly for flights. You can click on the map in Google Flights and pick the spot of departure, then go to I’m Feeling Lucky button. Google will select destinations based on your search history and also on popular destinations. There is a bar graph showing when you can get the cheapest tickets.

Google Flights Best Flight Options

Best Flight Options

The box for best flights will inform you about the flight that offers the best combination of prices and speed. This makes it easy for travellers to pick up a flight, as they don’t have to decide between opting for a nonstop flight and a layover one.  The top picks of Google are highlighted in green. It is almost as if it is you personal travel agent asking you to take that flight.

Indicating Lowest Fares

Users can see the prices for their chosen trip for every day of that particular month. The cheapest days can be seen in green and the bar graph shows you whether the prices are likely to drop or rise with time.

Check Out Swaps for Saving Money

When searching for flights having a similar option at a lesser price, the tip bar gives information about the money that can be saved if the user flies earlier or flies from another airport. Users can decide after seeing the costs.

Google Flights for Saving Money

Monitoring the Prices

After finding a suitable flight, users can save the itinerary and allow the Google Now application to track the pricing. By checking on your phone, you can see the dynamic change of the prices and if there is a dramatic dip, you will get an email immediately.

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