Google gives its quick-loading mobile webpages (AMP) a much better name

Google AMP

Whenever you see “AMP” appearing right next to a Google search result on your smartphone, it usually means that the web page in question will load much faster compared to a web page that doesn’t have this label.

Well, AMP sounds a little too cool and quite technical, if you ask me. Perhaps it’s the main reason the search engine giant has decided to tweak the name into something that is much easier to understand, even for the novice users of Android. From now henceforth, you will see Instant in place of AMP. This discovery was recently made by Twitter user Jonathan Jones, who spotted the new label and subsequently published a screenshot of the same on the giant social network.

I’ve tried to replicate the screenshot without any significant success, which means that it’s possible the feature is still limited to a subset of users for trial purposes. For the many who are yet to see the change, the AMP label still appears in grey color, however, once this icon is replaced by the new Instant label, the color shifts to a more eye-catching Facebook Messenger-like blue color.

AMP, which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, was introduced to the mobile world back in 2016. According to the search engine giant, this platform is a real data saver as it uses up to 10 times less data when compared to web pages that load normally. This not only saves data costs for smartphone users, but it also speeds up the process of browsing the web, even if the pages are full of images or videos.

The move to rename the feature from AMP to Instant certainly makes more sense as this will make the feature more welcome and a little friendlier in search engine results. The most unfortunate thing at this moment, however, is that we don’t really know when exactly Google will be rolling out the feature, but it shouldn’t be long from now.

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