One Plus 6 Leaks Suggest QHD Resolution Display, New SoC and 8GB of RAM

One Plus 6 rear

The One Plus 6 is definitely on the horizon because many dealers claim that the One Plus 5 is out of stock.

The previously launched One Plus 3 and 3T models are being sold at record low prices so as to deplete the stocks before the imminent launch.

Most smartphone critics and industry experts opined that the next launch would be the 5T. Instead of going with small increments, the manufacturer has decided to launch a brand new flagship model so as to stay relevant in the competitive smartphone market. All flagship models including the iPhone X from Apple, Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are out in the market.

One Plus 6 QHD resolution display

Being the most popular mid-range choice among customers, the company wants to retain its name and superior hardware performance with the One Plus 6. If rumors are to be believed, the model will feature a spacious 6-inch edge to edge bezel less display. The screen will be appropriately complimented with a QHD resolution.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon will once again come back with an exceptionally powerful processor for the manufacturer. They are working on the Snapdragon 825 SoC which is expected to be used in the One Plus 6 and possibly in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 as well. The processor will be powered by a new Adreno GPU and will also have 8 GB of RAM so as to stay snappy when multiple applications are open.

Storage will not different much as it will come with 64GB of base storage and a bigger 128GB storage option on the more expensive model. One Plus 6 is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2018. It comes close to Samsung’s yearly release schedule but considering the price points of both these devices, it may not be much of a problem.

One Plus 6

OnePlus is expected to keep the pricing of the phone close to $600 and provide great specifications including a bezel less display, bigger battery and better performance. In a time when the iPhone X costs $1000 or even more with the accessories, pricing matters a lot for the average buyer. People are not interested in spending a fortune for smartphones as they tend to do the same functions and there is hardly any difference in every day scenario irrespective of the hardware components used in a device.

Another leak suggests OnePlus 6 will be the most expensive phone ever made by the smartphone manufacturer.

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