Google is Going to Merge Youtube Red and Google Play Music Soon

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Google has created a unique marketing trend for themselves by releasing all the apps and services they could.

The company loves to experiment as part of which they end up introducing multiple solutions. At some point, the developers realize that people don’t need so many stuff in the first place.

Some great examples are Google’s own Gtalk which is now Hangouts but both co-existed for a while in the past until they were merged. Similarly, the search engine giant has two different operating systems, the Android and Chrome OS each competing with each other to grab the attention of users. While they may not merge immediately, the developers have decided to bring Youtube Red and Google Play Music together.

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A Competitive Digital Space

The digital music space is extremely crowded at the moment with multiple services like Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, Google Play Music and many other local vendors. Each one of them have a stronghold in specific areas where Google is fighting hard to stay relevant. Their biggest strength lies in the fact that Android is owned by them and world’s major share of phones run on the said operating system. In order to unify the competition so that they don’t have to compete within their own products, they have decided to merge Youtube Red and Play Music into a single service.

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Not the Common Audience

A practical issue prevails with Youtube Red which focuses largely on concerts, live performance and independent band videos, while Play Music is a music sharing platform known for its huge collection of songs in English as well as many regional languages catering to audiences worldwide. The situation is complex because those who love Play Music may hardly like the concerts provided on Red without any advertisements. If the subscription charges are increased in order to provide more services than what would one need, it may put off some users. Everything is still in its nascent stages now and has to be confirmed by Google before it becomes the norm.

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The announcement was made during the New Music Seminar conference held in New York where Google representatives revealed that when they merge services, they can have one offering and make it easy for subscribers to opt for what they like. The official statement from the company is not available yet as it was made during a conference and Google may consider making some changes to their decision before Youtube Red and Google Play Music is merged into one single service similar to how Amazon Prime service is.

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