Google Now Lets You Automatically Backup Files, New App for PC & Mac Launched

Google PC & Mac Launched

While Google has a robust online storage system, the Google Drive, it is still difficult to keep track of all the files you have.

The sheer number of devices people use on a daily basis is what makes it so difficult.

The developers have released a new software program for PC and Mac operating systems. With the help of the new app, users will be able to easily backup files, photos, presentations and any other content automatically. It works with both Google Drive and Google Photos so that you no longer have to keep track of all those messy folders that get more confusing with each passing day.

google launches backup pc

On an average day, any user would have files and photos stored on their local hard drive, multiple SD cards and obviously the smartphone that they keep carrying with them all day. The photo that you took today on your phone will not be in your local drive and those SD cards have developed a habit of getting lost at the most appropriate moments. Google wants to take that stress off you so that there is no need to fumble to find those programs.

Similar to many other popular services like Sugar Sync, Evernote and other backup solutions, the company now wants you to download a software program on your computer. It will act as your local agent on your computer. All the folders you specify will be synced once to your Google Drive. Any changes made on the drive will reflect in the local folder and vice versa. It is quite similar to many online services without any hassles. The user doesn’t have to do anything once they have specified the folders they need.

Google Mac Launched

By default, there is about 15GB of storage space online and it should be more than enough for most users unless you are going to backup large number of photos or big video files. In that case, there is always the option to buy more storage space on Google Drive. The backup and sync process works the same for Mac computers as well. There is a separate app for Google Photos considering the huge number of content people upload every day due to smartphone cameras and another app for Google Drive.

It makes it easier to keep your photos, files and documents safe while taking the hard task of having to manually upload them every time you make a change.

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