Google Going the Renewable Energy Way with All Global Operations


Over the years, search engine giant Google has always wanted to make things green by going the renewable energy way.

Apparently, this is coming to life very soon as the tech giant plans to make the shift this coming 2017.


In an efforts to save the world from dying, Google has announced that all of its data centers and offices will exclusively be powered by green energy, something that tech giant sees as a landmark moment. It is indeed a landmark moment considering how big the Big G is. Nonetheless, the fact that the company already leads the way when it comes to buying renewable energy from solar and wind farms always meant that achieving this feat was not such a huge task for the tech company.

As at the time of this writing, 44% of all Google operations are powered by renewable electricity, however, the company is clear enough that it wants this figure to shoot to 100% by the time 2017 comes to an end. According to VP of Technical Infrastructure, UrsHolzle, achieving this target will mean buying all enough green energy to account for all its global operations throughout the year.

The largest energy consumer at Google is the data server. In essence, the tech giant has been doing everything possible to improve power efficiency of these data servers by using artificial intelligence, but it seems the energy needs of these servers keep growing each and every day, something that is standing as a huge challenge for the search engine giant. But with renewable energy, Holzle is adamant that their power needs will be protected against any future changes in energy prices.

Google Renewable Energy

Google has also documented everything you may want to know about this renewable energy in a detailed Environmental Report. There is also a dedicated website that is meant to update you regularly with the progress being made by the company with respect to green energy.

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